The MigCare project is developed by the following institutions.

University of the Peloponnese:
The University of the Peloponnese was established in 2000 and accepted its first students in 2002 with the beginning of operations of the Department of Computer Science and Technology and the Department of Telecommunication Science and Technology of the School of Science and Technology. It has its headquarters in Tripoli and is developed at the level of integrated schools in the five capitals of the prefectures of Peloponnese.
The headquarters of the University of the Peloponnese is in Tripolis and it comprises of five (5) Schools and nine (9) Departments located in the five Capitals of Prefectures of the Peloponnese Region (Tripolis, Corinth, Nafplion, Sparta, Kalamata).
It offers studies in all cycles of learning: undergraduate, postgraduate and Doctoral as well as Life Long Learning activities.
The aim of the establishment and operation of the University of the Peloponnese is the creative contribution to the development of higher education in the Greek region, with high quality standards corresponding to the content of studies, research and teaching in the requirements of a modern University with national, European and international scope.

University of Ioannina:
The University of Ioannina, is a large Higher Education Institution which has been at the forefront of teaching and research in Greece for over 50 years. The wide spectrum of educational activities, the top-ranking faculty members, the infrastructure of the Departments and research teams, have positioned our University amidst the top universities achieving national, European and international excellence. University of Ioannina includes 17 academic Departments which altogether number 13.523 undergraduate students. the Department of Economics (was established in 1996 aiming to provide students with the necessary knowledge, skills and technical competencies and prepare them for entering the labour market.


Oxfam Italia Intercultura:
Oxfam Italia Intercultura is a social cooperative stemming from the non-governmental organisation Oxfam Italia, formerly known as Ucodep, actively fighting against poverty and injustice since the 1970s. Its main goal is to promote the integration into society of migrants and people in situation of marginality through active citizenship education, social and cultural activities, reception projects for refugees and asylum seekers and provision of linguistic and cultural mediation services for the health care sector. The cooperative works to build a multicultural society, open to dialogue and based on cultural diversity as a positive value. Hence, Oxfam Italia Intercultura has been working in educational projects and activities with students and teachers for many years (in some cases through on-line learning platforms), on the topics of active citizenship, food security and sustainable consumption, inequality, migration, interculture and integration and school drop out. Since 2017 it runs Community Centers in several italian cities, aiming to counter the risk of social exclusion concerning both migrants and locals, providing informations, assistance for documents-related issues and fiscal counselling.


Frontida Zois:
Frontida Zois, from 2007 , is a Social welfare private organization for the care of socially vulnerable groups (elderly, disabled), and an accredited social care VET provider. Its main task is twofold: to help the elderly and disabled people retain their maximum level of autonomy and well being providing them social care services, and the education and training of the social care professionals (nurses, social workers, formal/informal carers).
Our agency except from its own social care activities collaborates constantly with the Greek Ministry of Health in the National project “Home care for pensioners” concerning the funding of country’s accredited social care structures to provide home care of elderly people for free.
Frontida participates in various European research projects on aspects related with elderly care training and policy issues, or the validation and testing of innovative ICT solutions for the upgrade of the quality of life of the elderly and disabled people.


Since 2010, Interactive 4D designs and develops serious games and gamified e-learning tools to meet the growing needs in the fields of:

For the MigCare project, INTERACTIVE 4D is responsible for the design and the development of the gamification platform which offers a training program based on educational content designed by the project partners.

Interactive 4D is also in charge of the design of the website and its periodic updates.

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